Chat Bots Taking Over The Business World

Yes you read it right, chat bots are taking over! They are replacing mobile apps, email marketing, customer care agents, and more!

What Are Chat Bots?

Chat bots are programmed to understand the questions that your user is sending you and providing them answers and executing pre-programmed tasks. It's more user friendly and will increase your response time drastically. They not only will save you, the business owner time but also your consumers. Instead of your users having to go through an app, doing a search, or loading a webpage, they simply type a message and get a fast response from your chatbot.

Chat bots can be used on most platforms including Facebook, apps, and websites. The most popular chat bot currently being used is within Facebook messenger. As of 2018, Facebook currently has over 30,000 active Messenger bots!

So why is everyone switching over?

According to a most recent survey over 80% of businesses will be using chatbots by 2020. They are not only cutting down on costs but increasing your revenue as well. The most popular way of contacting a business these days is through messenger. Users send over 2 billion messages each month via Facebook Messenger.

What can it do for your business?

1. Save time and money on customer care

People expect a business to be available 24/7 however it isn't always possible. They may only have a basic question or need but don't like waiting a long time for an answer. They also have a tendency to ask the same questions over and over again which takes up a lot of the business owners time. The chat bot is designed to answer these questions instantly for your user as well as track deliveries, book appointments, and even give information on your products, services, return policies, etc.

2. Direct audience reach

People are more likely to open a message on messenger than an email sent to them, making it easier to respond to your audience directly. You can also re-target your subscribers with Facebook advertisements.

3. Lead control

When your chatbot is responding to messages asked by your users, it is directing them to you as leads. You will be able to see the questions and answers your chatbot provides to help you differentiate between high and low-quality leads. Chatbots also have the capability of reaching out to your consumers on a personal level. Example: Reminding them of items in their cart or sending them a message about a previous purchase.


Chatbots are put in place to assist with common customer service questions as well as selling products for you, recommending the perfect product based on the consumer, book flights, order dinner, remind you of items in your cart, track delivery, send recommendations on an item your consumer may like, and more!

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