Coronavirus and Your Business

Online marketing is more important now than ever due to the pandemic. We’re officially living in the midst of a pandemic, and almost everyone has been affected. Whether you’re still working, self-isolating, or working from home, chances are that coronavirus has affected you in some way.

Question is, how long is this going to last?

Is Marketing Essential?

You've probably already started making financial cuts in order to keep your business going and one of the first things to get cut is usually marketing. Some businesses don't see marketing as an essential expense but it is.

Due to this virus most people are experiencing a stay at home order and a lot of businesses have been closed down. So what's going to happen with your business during this process? Your marketing plan is extremely important to consider during this pandemic.

What is your current form of marketing? If it doesn't include digital marketing then you're missing out on a huge demographic that you could be reaching.

The Rise in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been rising over the last few years and is going to continue to rise. With more and more people being sent home during this time is causing them to be on their phones more, watching more television, and spending a lot of time on their computers.

With more people on their phones, looking for engaging content to keep them busy as they try to tackle the emotional burden of self isolation, social media will become a daily routine that people need to keep them grounded, give them a sense of community and regular updates on the global crises.

We as business owners need to be taking advantage of online marketing right now while the number of people being online is at an all time high.

If you have concerns about where your marketing budget is going, or want to discuss how coronavirus might affect your marketing strategy then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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