The Latest Facebook Updates

As we all know, Facebook is always updating their platform and algorithm for the benefit of its users however, it is extremely important for you as a user whether for business or personal use to keep up to date with this changes. Below is a list of the most recent updates that will be happening within the next couple of months.

Organic Targeted Posts Released

Let's start with the most exciting update for the month of August: organic targeted posts for top fans.

If you have a Facebook Page that has more than 10,000 followers you will now have the ability to create and share organic posts with your top fans. Once 10,000 followers has been reached, your page will be given a "top fan" classification badge. These fans are the users that are invested in and engage with your page the most.

This feature will allow you to share exclusive content with only your top fans. The users that are most excited about your brand. This option is also very useful as far as ad creation is concerned giving you the opportunity to split-test new content before making it public.

You can also take advantage of this by offering those top fans exclusive discounts or access to new products before releasing them to the public.

Facebook Updates Mobile Formatting

Facebook will be implementing new mobile ad formatting as well as mobile Page post formatting starting August 19th of this year.

This update will allow users to scroll through their news feeds a lot quicker. The content that is in the feed on mobile devices will be compressed in that only three lines of primary text will be shown in the feed. In order to view the rest of the content, the user must click "view more".

If you are using media that is taller than 4:5 it will not be shown in mobile newsfeed as the maximum height for pictures and videos will be reduced down to 4:5. So you will need to make sure that your media is the right height in order for your mobile users to view it.

This update may only be a small change, however it is going to significantly impact the creatives that marketers and brands are sharing. You will need to make sure that both organic and ad posts are short enough in order to even show up in the feed. So make sure you are getting your point across in the first couple of sentences in your ad copy so that users can see it. You can always go back and elaborate later on.

Facebook Reinstating Custom Audience Reach Estimates

In March of 2018, Facebook discovered a unique bug that caused a potential problem with custom audience reach estimates. These reach estimates were telling advertisers how many users fell under the audience perimeters they were targeting. The problem with this is that the bug could have let some advertisers infer attributes like gender or country of those in the audiences they targeted. This was a huge advantage for the advertisers however, it was considered to be a potential violation of privacy, so Facebook had to temporarily remove the reach estimates.

With this new update, those reach estimates are going to be reinstated. Facebook has fixed the bug and has announced that the reinsertion will be happening soon. Now when you upload custom audiences, you will be able to see the estimated number of users within that audience that you could potentially connect with. This update will assist with larger audiences by keeping the costs down and allowing you to catch a wider net. However, keep in mind that an audience that is too large may not be segmented enough, and it may be difficult to properly drive conversions.

I hope this information was useful for you, please comment below with any questions and follow us to make sure you don't miss an update.

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